ECCSC believes Ex-Cons are partly to blame for the gangs, drugs, and violence that have ravaged communities of color. Our plan for effective social service is to aggressively link communities to a wide range of programs and resources such as:

  • Community safe spaces for our children

  • Breakfast and lunch programs for food dependent children

  • Tutoring

  • Mentoring

  • Sex education

  • Substance abuse prevention and counseling

  • Manhood training ages 12–24

  • Transportation service linking children to incarcerated parents


Ex-Cons for Community and Social Change (ECCSC) is an organization founded by Tyrone Muhammad who was incarcerated for 21 years. Tired of witnessing recidivism, Tyrone knew it would take a different approach to combat this issue. While still incarnated, he fashioned the idea of ECCSC whose mission is to be more and do more through the dedication of restoring rehabilitated ex-offenders to useful citizenship. Tyrone believed no other group of individuals bear more responsibility to effect change in the neighborhoods and communities they are returning to than those who helped to destroy them. 

ECCSC believes in dealing with people where they are and within the communities they reside in. By utilizing the life experiences and street influence of “Ex-Cons” we have seen change in men who have perpetrated violence and turmoil throughout Chicago. We view the current state of crime and violence as a form of “style” where peer pressure, social media, bad examples, miseducation, poverty, unemployment and mental health issues contribute to this unchecked perpetuation of gangs, drugs and violence.

ECCSC knows working with the community is a must when it comes to helping resolve the violence plaguing our city. Through establishing a system of civic responsibility and creating collaborative networks, of law enforcement, school officials, business owners and community stakeholders, ECCSC has proven that creating a culture of civic engagement proceeds conflict resolution. We at ECCSC view this dynamic as People Saving (PS), a particular approach that handles each person and community from their own unique culture and/or mental paradigm.

ECCSC represents transformative change and our plan of action for reducing violence involves personal engagement with those individuals who see the “blocks” as their territory. We use a culturally specific manner (style) that involves hand to hand, face to face mediations tactics endemic to the breakdown of each “clique” and/or autonomous sub-groups, allowing us to create a climate of trust and dialogue with these individuals.

ECCSC and its coalition of civic, social, and business partnerships are primed and engaged with hundreds of formerly incarcerated individuals who have taken on the responsibility to serve our communities. Our knowledge in mediation and violence de-escalation gives us an upper hand on the current “trend” of violence. ECCSC has the right experience to create effective change and make a difference.

ECCSC is ready to serve the City of Chicago.




     Tyrone F. Muhammad is an Author, Mentor, Entrepreneur,  Public Speaker, Social Activist, and founder of the ECCSC, an organization committed to helping ex-offenders become productive members of society rather than repeat offenders. This is achieved  by using their education, social skills, and life experiences to help  rebuild the communities they helped to destroy. He believes the  best way to reach the youth is by showing them—not by lecturing them. This approach intends to utilize positive, successful role  models that young people can emulate through a process of job  training and entrepreneurial exposure.


Tyrone believes new  opportunities will be discovered, new doors will open and be  available to participants. Drawing from his personal life  experiences on the streets of Englewood, to business owner,  to prison, Tyrone believes he and other ex-offenders are the most  qualified individuals to reach, teach, and lead this generation of  boys and men society has deemed to be social misfits down a successful path. His tenacity to go into neighborhood trenches and trap houses alike—without judgement—separates him from other activists working toward similar goals. After serving 20 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections, Tyrone hit the ground running, turning his pain and passion into purpose by establishing the ECCSC. 

Before leaving prison, Tyrone wrote and published his first book Men on the Inside.  He serves on the board of Abisar (an organization that challenges and holds local  politicians accountable) as Vice President. He has been featured in several  documentaries, made guest appearances on radio shows, and can be heard every  Sunday on a Pleasant Encounter WYCA with Geraldine Smith. He has been invited to speak at several events across the city, and is also a two time recipient of the John Dewey award from the Education Justice Project (EJP) of the University of Illinois.


Tyrone decided early during his prison term that he would not become a statistic and refused to allow his dreams and visions to die due to incarceration. He proceeded to earn his C.A.A.P, Substance Abuse Counselor, Automotive Basic and Advance, Horticulture, Cosmetology, and Custodial Maintenance Certifications. He is also one of the original student founders of the EJP located in Danville, Illinois.  While in prison, Tyrone earned two Associate degrees in Liberal arts and in General Studies, and is currently pursuing his Bachelor degree.